sábado, 3 de diciembre de 2016

Fedora 25 Release Party in Managua

Today a part of the local Fedora's community  team in Nicaragua we met on the occasion of the release of Fedora 25.

Unlike others relase events that we have done, those that have been with talks and open to the public, in this meeting we meet to see inside the local community and plan what activities we plan to do in 2016.

Those attending this meeting were

What do not we want to do in 2017?

At the beginning of the conversation Neville raised something interesting: what we do not want to do ?, after removing this list of tasks focus on the tasks we want to carry out.

  • We do not want to repeat again the same themes that have been tackled in previous years.
  • We want to be more selective in the participation of local events, there are simply events that do not contribute anything to the Fedora community but it has always had presence because it does not look bad with someone who does not invite to participate.
  • We do not want to collaborate with Fedora to stop being fun, at the end of the day it is a voluntary activity.

Plans for 2017

  1. To organize a couple of Fedora 25 and 26 release parties in universities, we consider that transmitting the work done by the Fedora Project to promote advancement and innovation in free software is one of the main tasks of an ambassador.
  2. We want to create material that is reusable, we plan to create a series of videos that cover part of the basic theme related to Fedora and free software in general, even use Moodle to create some online course in which people can take advantage of the available material Without having to be present physically in the place.
  3. If we want to bring more collaborators to the Fedora Project we need to expand the user base, so we must continue to have presence in local events and universities.
  4. We want to get closer to the local community in Bilwi, they have been showing quite active and we know that they are a community that mostly use Ubuntu, but we believe that with our support they can adopt Fedora as their main operating system.
To fulfill these plans we basically want to reactivate the Fedora School, continue to have a presence in local activities and organize a Fedora Day in Bilwi, in addition to the traditional Fedora launch parties.

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