sábado, 14 de mayo de 2016

Fedora Latam meeting minutes - 2016-05-14

Meeting summary

  1. Roll Call 
  2. Funding request for Chino Soliard (Asoliard) to assist AndSec 
    1. https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-latam/ticket/348 
    2. AGREEDticket 348 
    3. https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-latam/ticket/333 
  3. Funding Request for FISL Buenos Aires - Porto Alegre
    1. https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-latam/ticket/333 
  4. Latam Budget 
    1. LATAM have beena signed with $10950 for the whole FY17 
    2. LATAM asked for $23180 for the whole FY17 
    3. Christoph Wickert is appealing to the Council to approve us $1000 more, making a total of $11950 
    4. tatica is appealing to the Council to approve us more budget.
    5. I communicate to the Council that we have a lesson learned here. We underspent what we overasked. 
    6. http://pagure.io/fedora-budget 
    7. https://budget.fedoraproject.org 
    8. https://www.quora.com/How-does-TransferWise-compare-to-PayPal-and-other-money-transfer-services 
    9. ACTIONpotty to create a wiki page for the new reimbursement proposals
    10. ACTIONpotty to add the proposals on the wiki page

Meeting ended at 00:18:09 UTC (full logs). 

Action items

  1. potty to create a wiki page for the new reimbursement proposals
  2. potty to add the proposals on the wiki page

sábado, 7 de mayo de 2016

Fedora Latam meeting minutes - 2016-05-07

Meeting summary

  1. Roll Call
    1. Remember today is the deadline to upload receipts for FLISOL tickets. After today, no reimbursements will be approved.
  2. Request to become a new ambassor for fedora project for Jose Laya
    1. williamjmorenor opened tickets for FLISOL and FISL badges. Is currently waiting for the design team approval. 
    2. ACTIONechevemaster will ping lbazan to mentor jose2
    3. Contact bazan for the ambassador membership, itamarjp and I, we will mentoring jose2
  3. Regional sites, looking for volunteers for six months
    1. williamjmorenor will be the responsible for the regional main site for the next six months
    2. linuxmodder is willing to help with a localized post in their own blog

martes, 3 de mayo de 2016

New MkDocs themes comming to Fedora

I have submited a Fedora 24 update with 3 new themes for MkDocs (the static site generators than build beatifull documentation from MarkDown source files).

Availables theme are:




I will push the Fedora 23 update soon this week, also I will open the review-request for the mkdocs-psinder new theme.

Upstream I am working in have a setup-command available in mkdocs similar at the provided from the sphinx project.

With this I hope Fedora will ofert the most complete and up to date stack of mkdocs tools and themes than will help you to make aweme docs with minimal effort.

miércoles, 13 de abril de 2016

python-reportlab 3.3.0 disponible

La última versión estable de python-reportlab esta disponible en el repositorio updates-testing para Fedora 23 y Fedora 24.

Recientemente tome este paquete que había quedado huérfano en los repositorios de Fedora y aproveche para actualizar el spec se acuerdo a la última versión de los lineamientos de empaquetado para Python, entre las modificaciones ahora se pasa toda la testsuite de reportlab tanta para python2 y python3 durante la construcción del paquete RPM.