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(almost) FAD translation Managua

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This last weekend the local community at Nicaragua organized a (almost) FAD of traslation. Activity was made at Hotel Mansión Teodolinda en Managua-Nicaragua, at days 21th and 22th of December. The principal goals of this activity were:

1- Introduce new collaborators to the translation of Fedora Project.
2- Diversifying the roles of members of the local community.

Assistants to the event
The Nicaraguan community had a very active year. At beginning of this year the "Fedora School" initiative bring us the opportunity to share knowledge needed to become a successful Fedora's contributor, one of the "Fedora School" session was about the translation process at Fedora, at the event we have been commented about the possibility of making a FAD about traslataion. But we have a bad experience trying to get feedback about our Documentation FAD proposal. It appears that FLOCK consume all the events's budget for this year and there is not more budget to sponsor event at this year. I have not nothing against Flock, just think that smaller events organised by local community team can be very successful too with a minimal budget.

We focus in the Fedora Musician's Guide, this is a non technical document, than we think is appropriate for introducing new collaborators to the spanish team at Transifex.

Event filled all ours goals, 13 new collaborators were sponsored at the Spanish team at transifex, of these 8 collaborators opened theirs FAS account to become Fedora's collaborators (and be sure they signed the CLA). The assistants to the event have been translated 20.6 K, and the Fedora Musician's Guide became the most popular project inside the Fedora team at Transifex.

At same time some collaborators updated to Fedora during the event, we have the iso files and installation media, and stickers, for lunch we buy pizza sponsored with Fedora's Latam founds.

This event was possible thank to:

1- Fedora Latam folks than agreed to support the event with founds originally designated to release parties.
2- To +Neville Cross for the local for the event.
3- To +Domingo Becker  who was sponsoring new collaborators at Transifex.

Finally this was a US$ 100.00 event with great results and we will like to have more events like this one at next year.

Galley at Facebook.
Gallery at Google+.

But. why almost a FAD?

A FAD is by definition a Fedora Activity Day, is a special event with a budget managed by FPL directly from Red Hat, this event was made with local budget and Latam funds, had all to be an official FAD least financial support, but that did not stop us to make a good event and get contributors to the Fedora Project.

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